1. Empower Decentralization of Authority

Every State shall have the right to exit from its present Constitutional subjugation to future Federal regulation, executive order, and court oversight, and to remain subject to taxation only for the purpose of supporting the defense. Every State shall have the right to nullify any Federal legislation that is not directly supported by a power granted to the Federal government explicitly by the Constitution. As supported by Jefferson and Madison in the construction of our nation and enshrined in our Constitution’s Tenth Amendment, our federal government is merely the agent of the states and intended to be used as a unifying bond.

2. Preserve Individual Autonomy

No government authority shall exist to regulate individual activity. No government shall have the authority to impose a penalty of death, bail out corporations, criminalize the use of drugs or other substances, grant protection from court-ordered liability for libel, inhibit access to abortion prior to viability, regulate employment practices, draft into military service, tax individual entities, coerce vaccination or medical treatment, or coerce censorship of any
privately controlled mode of communication.

3. Eliminate the IRS

Federal government revenue shall be received only from State governments. The Federal government shall have no direct taxation authority over any individual person or entity.

4. Limit Federal Expenditure

No government authority shall exist for combined Federal, State and local government spending, including both discretionary and legislatively mandated, to exceed a Constitutionally prescribed proportion of national income. The Federal government shall only fund federal initiatives at the federal level.

5. End Mandatory Investment

No person shall be obligated to enter into any financial arrangement, savings program, social program or insurance scheme. Individuals subject to prior compulsory Federal programs shall be offered a equitable voluntary exit.

6. End the Federal Reserve System

The balance sheet of the Fed shall be transferred to the Treasury which shall have no discretionary authority to bail out banks or other corporations. Financial institution regulations shall be made optional and competitive among government agencies. Discretionary monetary policy shall be replaced by a constant growth rate rule for money supply.

7. Allow Phase-Out of Public Education

Public funding of primary and secondary education shall be attached to each child, in full measure per pupil equal to the funding of public schools. Public schools will be allowed to phase-out under competitive pressures. Public funding of higher education, including student loans shall be eliminated.

8. Reform Police Accountability

The Federal doctrine of qualified immunity shall be eliminated, and no other restriction shall be placed on the people’s right to seek redress in court or through a duly appointed private oversight board. Law enforcement officers shall be personally bonded by private-sector insurance. Federal law enforcement shall be eliminated. No warrant shall have the authority to breach a private residence. No private asset shall be seized without a court order upon due process for showing debt.

9. End Discretionary Military Interventionism

No government authority shall exist to impose force on persons inside or outside the Nation without court order, declaration of war or urgent national defense. No authority shall exist for the government to declare war or to enter into any military alliance, mutual defense agreement or treaty obligating the use of force such as NATO and the UN, without Federal legislative approval, Federal executive approval and assent by two-thirds of the States. No such approval or assent shall be valid for longer than one year.

10. Impose Term Limits

No Federal elected representative or government official appointed by a representative shall remain in any office longer than twelve years. Civil servants in agency leadership shall be subject to re-appointment by elected officials.

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